Neptune 2017: article index

NEPTUNE 1-2017

Overview of events
6 Underwater sports: calendar of all-Russian and international competitions
in 2017
8 “The Neptune Cup–2017”: II Open championship in underwater photography in the pool

10 Winter fairy tale in  summer. Diving in the Tyrolean lakes. Artem Melamed
16 Islands of the Poor knights for the non-poor divers. Alexey Zaitsev

22 Giant on the bottom. The last Messerschmitt. Vic Verlinden (Belgium)

Underwater expedition
30 Tserik-Kel: 279 meters. Expedition of CPI PRO. Gavrilchik Konstantin

Living sea
36 World Champions. Freediving with sperm whales. Andrey Sidorov
44 Do dugongs eat people? Catch your luck with the fins. Richard Jaronek (Czech Republic)

Marine history
52 Sevastopol-Washington D.C., 1944: first deep-water descents of the Soviet divers.
Ivan Sivakov, Irina Kochergina
58 A hundred years of oblivion. To the memory of the armored cruiser “Peresvet”.
Sergey Mozgovoy, Irina Kochergina

64 “Neptune XXI century” -100

Photo and video
82 Happiness. Reflections on underwater photography. Andrey Narchuk

Underwater sport
88 Seven whales of freediving. Alexey Molchanov

92 Risk and freedom, or Why do we technodive. Oksana Istratova

Cave diving
96 From Vaucluse to Florida. From the history of underwater cave exploration
Stanislav Polyakov

New equipment
102 System vacuum check underwater photoboxes. Vladimir Slobodenyuk
104 Сoltri again in Russia. Portable air compressors MCH 6 and stationary MCH 16. Stanislav Polyakov
106 Pros Frogman. Denis Davydov

108 Oline bookshop

Neptune anniversary issue – #100!
100 covers of the magazine “Neptune XXI century” for 2000–2016.
“Blue lake in 2016.” 3D model of the lake. Author: СPI PRO
Invitation to freediving. Video Freediving Federation Of Russia

NEPTUNE 2-2017 / Commercial diving project 

Events review
6 Surprises of the Сrimean bridge

10 Power of Siberia: the salvage of a sunken «Olekma» dredger. Andrey Kramorenko
18 Know-hows of jakutian rescue divers. Nikolay Nakhodkin

Diving fleet
24 Modular shipbuilding new projects – new opportunities. Ulyana Zakharova

Diver training
28 Training centre of the XXI century. Viktor Zgursky

36 To the memory of Sergey Cherkashin, 29.01.1956–21.03.2017

Naval history
40 First professional diving school in Russia: new about the well-known. Andrey Novozhilov
44 Year 1945: Soviet divers in Usa: Soviet-American diving project. Ivan Sivakov
52 Soviet manned underwater vehicles: «Hydronaut» vessel history. Alexander Pomozov
58 Chittagong 50 yrs later. Hommage to EON-12 special expedition. Anna Molchanova
73 The only survived E-4 rebreather is found! Alexander Elkin
77 Soviet rebreathers of the thirties. Pavel Borovikov

64 Winners of the IInd Open championship in uw photography in the pool

Personal opinion
84 5-Year plan – in 25 years? Brief summarizing. Aynur Sajetov
90 Unwelcome events dive expert’s point of view. Ivan Krasovsky

Diving medicine
94 Diving descents in high mountains medical support experience. D.P. Zverev, V.I. Bulgakov, A.A. Myasnikov
100 Diving medicine at the Botkin hospital. A.A. Mitrokhin

New gear
104 Small items, so important. Stanislav Poliakov
106 The largest and the smallest of Coltri. Stanislav Poliakov
108 Poseidon solid state O2 sensor. Olga Dimitrevich

109 Online bookshop

NEPTUNE 3/4-2017

Events review
6 “The silence of the sharks”: conference in Israel
8 Meet me at the lighthouse! The Revival Of “Irben”
12 Victory Cup-2017. Russian championship and championship of the Republic of Crimea on aquathlon

22 The island of Moneron, distant and mysterious. Andrey Narchuk
30 Mysterious Azov : A new look at the old sea. Andrey Sidorov

Cave diving
36 Cenotes Of Namibia. A hidden Mecca for cave-divers. Pierre Constant (France)

Marine history
48 Magomed Hajiyev. Keeping the tradition. K. A. Shopotov
54 IPA-2, IPA-3 and others. The story of the creation of the first Soviet rebreathers.
P. A. Borovikov
62 Bay of the dead anchors. The history of the Tsemess bay. Lev Stepko
68 Gold cruiser “Edinburgh”. Michael O’Mara, Irina Kochergina

79 Winners of the underwater photography contest “Neptune Stars”

Underwater archaeology
116 The mystery of the “Bimini Road”. Alexander Okorokov
125 Hydro-archaeological map of the USSR. R. A. Orbeli

Photo and video
97 Winners of the underwater photography contest ” Rivers, Lakes, Seas of Russia-2016»
106 The Baikal Cup – 2017. Open championship in underwater photography
113 Time to watch a movie! The best films about the underwater world

128 World of stamps and coins: water monsters. Rolf Meisinger.

Kids diving
134 Divers are growing up. Denis Obukhov

Living sea
140 Underwater hospital. The quirks and the wisdom of an underwater birth
146 Sea urchins, right and wrong. Anton Yevtushenko

New equipment
152 Stationary compressor reinvented
154 Darkfin webbed power gloves

156 Online bookshop

“Gold from the depths»
The film is about a search-and-rescue mission on the cruiser “Edinburgh”.
The Barents sea, 1981
“The Cup Of Baikal – 2017»
The open championship of underwater photography
Winners of the international underwater photography contest “Neptune Stars»

NEPTUNE 5-2017 / Commercial diving project 

Events review
6 «Glubina–2017» in Karantinnaya bay

Diving fleet
14 «BALEX DELTA–2017»: International exercise in emergency oil spill response. Andrey Khaustov
20 «Spasatel Ilyin». New multipurpose sea diving vessel of SDS18 project. Natalya Gureyeva

22 Towards improving of technical means of salvation. Valentin Mikhajlov
38  6825 tonnes from 44 metres. The salvage of the South Korean ferry «Sewol». Andrey Kramorenko
48 The bridge in Uryv. Finds at the Don river. Vitaly Latartsev

Diver training
28 To save and preserve. Baikal emergency response team training centre. Irina Kochergina
34 The Diver Certification Board of Canada. Tatiana Belyaeva

Personal opinion
56 1917 and 2017. Are the coincidences occasional? Aynur Saetov

60 Vitaly Jakovlev. Year 1942: Special Purpose Expedition from Vladivostok to Murmansk. Aleksandr Tribun

65 Oksana Roslyakova (Russia)

Naval history
73 The invention of Din brothers for sea depths explorers. Vyacheslav Prytkov
76 Heroical milestones of history. Slyudyanka, Baikal. Elena Bazarzhinova

Diving medicine
82 Professional divers’ medical support in XXI century Russian juridical standards. Konstantin Logunov
86 Diving accidentology. Incidents with divers circumstances assessment. Sementsov V.N., Ivanov I.V., Makeev B.A.

Diving stories
92 The diver with bayan. Andrey Kramorenko
96 Catcher. Cognac divers. Evgeny Udalov

New gear
102 Innovats RoRo: Ultralight diving helmet. Oleg Alferyev
104 Portable Coltri compresors with internal combustion engines. Stanislav Poliakov
106 «Divetechnoservice» company’ diving suits. Anton Nagibin

108 Online bookshop

NEPTUNE 6-2017

4 Crimea: spearfishing competitions–2017
8 VI St. Petersburg international cultural forum
12 Centenary of the «Krasin» icebreaker

16 Two in one. Whales of Tonga and the sharks of Fiji. Andrew Narchuk
26 White sea sketches. Diving in Hakuna matata style. Sergei Gursky
32 Underwater routes of the Mediterranean. To «Zenobia» with «Sadko». Andrey Nikolaev
38 Stars of Alimata. How to become an underwater model. Irina Britanova
44 The Isle of the White Mountain. In the middle of the harsh Atlantic. Alexey Vorobyov

50 Xibalba, the underworld of the Maya. Pierre Constant (France)

58 Expedition to «Saint Stephen», a closed Croatian wreck. Vic Verlinden (Belgium)

65 Winners of the underwater photo competition World Shootout (Israel, Eilat)

82 The underwater heritage of Namibia. Legal aspect. Dmitry Babekhin

86 «Red Caucasus» сruiser. History pages
92 The Fenian ram. The birth of the Submarine. Vyacheslav Prytkov
96 Artificial islands: cities in the Ocean. Tatyana Belyaeva

100 To get out of the water dry. Repair of dry suits. Sergey Gorbunov
104 Buoy tips. How to choose a buoy? Stanislav Polyakov

109 Book Internet-store


The death of the battleship «St. Istvan»

Documentary (1918)

«Time capsule»

The 1967 film, Novorossiysk


The winners of the international contest of underwater photography World Shootout (Israel, Eilat)




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