Neptune № 2-2017 (Neptune. Commercial diving project )

6 Surprises of the Сrimean bridge

10 Power of Siberia: the salvage of a sunken «Olekma» dredger. Andrey Kramorenko
18 Know-hows of jakutian rescue divers. Nikolay Nakhodkin

Diving fleet
24 Modular shipbuilding new projects – new opportunities. Ulyana Zakharova

Diver training
28 Training centre of the XXI century. Viktor Zgursky

36 To the memory of Sergey Cherkashin, 29.01.1956–21.03.2017

Naval history
40 First professional diving school in Russia: new about the well-known. Andrey Novozhilov
44 Year 1945: Soviet divers in Usa: Soviet-American diving project. Ivan Sivakov
52 Soviet manned underwater vehicles: «Hydronaut» vessel history. Alexander Pomozov
58 Chittagong 50 yrs later. Hommage to EON-12 special expedition. Anna Molchanova
73 The only survived E-4 rebreather is found! Alexander Elkin
77 Soviet rebreathers of the thirties. Pavel Borovikov

64 Winners of the IInd Open championship in uw photography in the pool

Personal opinion
84 5-Year plan – in 25 years? Brief summarizing. Aynur Sajetov
90 Unwelcome events dive expert’s point of view. Ivan Krasovsky

Diving medicine
94 Diving descents in high mountains medical support experience. D.P. Zverev, V.I. Bulgakov, A.A. Myasnikov
100 Diving medicine at the Botkin hospital. A.A. Mitrokhin

New gear
104 Small items, so important. Stanislav Poliakov
106 The largest and the smallest of Coltri. Stanislav Poliakov
108 Poseidon solid state O2 sensor. Olga Dimitrevich

109 Online bookshop

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