Neptune № 1-2018

4 Calendar of competitions in underwater sports for 2018
6 Record: 100 meters under the ice of Baikal lake

8 A land of volcanoes and seals. Expedition to Kunashir. Andrey Narchuk
18 Random safari. Sangalaki-Derawan. Natalia Bondarenko

26 Saint-Meme-Les-Careers. Cave diving in France. Stefan Panis (Belgium)
32 trapped in a minefield. Ocean liner SS “Burdigala”. Vic Verlinden (Belgium)
40 О2А2, or the Archipelagoes of the Antarctic. Maria Gavrilo

Private opinion
50 Professional reserve. Vladimir Kirkin

 Underwater archaeology
52 “Som” submarine on the Baltic bottom. To raise or not to raise? P. A. Borovikov
60 Underwater heritage of Sweden. Legal aspect. Dmitry Babekhin

65 Todd Essick (USA)

Photos and videos
82 Rokycany–2017. Championship of underwater photography in the pool
86 3D goes under the water. Interview with Vadim Shestachenko

Living Sea
92 Underwater volcanoes of the Black sea. Anatoliy Tavricheskiy
96 Ice kaleidoscope of the White sea. Alexander Aristarkhov

102 Diving medicine for scuba divers. Andrey Mitrokhin

107 Winged scooter Aquajet H2
108 Computer mask Thalatoo Maoi





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